Sunday, December 30, 2007

The first post.....

....and hopefully not the last!

Thanks for coming to visit me here....thought it's about time I joined the blogging world and started something up! Visit me here or on ravelry (I'm KaliKong there too).....

Right now I'm finishing the second sleeve on the Chic Knit's Ribby Cardi sweater

Here's the website photo:

I'll post my own photos here after I get the sleeve done and before and after it's assembled.

Then, I've got the next project lined up, the problem is I'll probably end up creating my own pattern because I just can't find anything he likes that's already created. Here's the dilemma....

After 10 years of marriage, hubby has FINALLY decided I can make a sweater for him - great, except he's a very broad-shouldered man which means lots more stitches than I usually do for me. Not a big issue, but so far all patterns I've found I'll need to alter the number of stitches to get it to fit. The problem comes with the style sweater he wants - he found pictures on the web for me last night, he wants a commando sweater like is used in the military.

complete with fabric patches on shoulders and sleeves....
There lies the challenge - I can do the sweater, should be easy except the size....patches will be fun....he'd just better like it when it's done!
More later.....promise!


T. said...

This is so awesome didn't realize you lived in Wisconsin been through there many times I use to live in MN now I am in Pittsburgh btw this Tonya HeavenlyScent on you know where!
You are amazing.

Knitcrazy said...

Hi Mary,
Love your Cardi.. Can't wait to see it finished... What yarn are you using for it??
I am Pennyknits in Ravelry and I have a knit group also.
Knitting for Kids..
I'll send ya an invite :)