Wednesday, June 4, 2008

sigh....I'm married to such a dork....

here it is, 10:45 on a Wednesday night, and hubby's more than thrilled because a "How It's Made" show on TV is demonstrating how legos are made.

Yes, he's gonna be 40 in August and it thrills him no end to play with kiddie legos.


In the meantime, gonna try and write here more, especially when I have to sit here at night and watch thrilling programming like this.

Had a not-so-thrilling day at work today, more of the same old thing with season ticket orders coming in that need to be entered in spreadsheets. Won't be long and we'll get to start filling the orders, at least that will be different!

Had a supper out with my church choir tonight too - that was fun, but my clothes are telling me in no uncertain terms that "all you can eat" is not necessarily a good thing for me. Either I've got to stop doing all-you-can-eat, or I've got to take my bike out, dust it off and start riding again.

Wonder if I can figure out how to knit and bike at the same time because I don't think I can give up completely on all the shrimp and bacon-wrapped crab meat I can get.


Oh, look, stupid lego segment is done, guess I can get the dogs out and go to bed, another long day tomorrow, have to go to the nursing home with mom for a wellness update on dad, then back to work, then piano lessons rest for me, not even this weekend!

More later.....

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